Write faster on keyboard

The keyboard

QWERTY keyboard in different versions for various languages ​​peculiarities are the most common type of keyboard in the world today. That is, the letters at the top left of the keyboard starting with "QWERTY". The placement of letters on the keyboard are carefully designed to quickly be able to write with both hands and where the usual gains letters are most centrally located.


To learn to type fast you need to use the correct fingering. On most keyboards are small bumps or spikes on certain keys. This is because you can quickly find the right position with your fingers. You can find the ridges on the keys F and J. Output State of fingering should be:

This is the basic position of the fingering. You can try to practice to remove your hands and put them there again to see if you can get fingering to be correct.
Other keys can be reached with the finger that is closest, starting from the starting position. For example, type H, Y, U, N and M with right index finger, which is closest and Q, A and Z with the left little finger.